In-House Sheet Metal Fabrication

Langer is one of a very few commercial roofers in Southeastern Wisconsin to have a completely staffed and equipped Sheet Metal Department.

Langer specializes in custom sheet metal fabrication and installation.  Our experienced tradesmen can handle everything from copings, fascia, gutters and downspouts to more intricate metal panel and cladding projects.

Our Roper Whitney Autobrake 2000 Bending Machine, with Orion computerized control system, improves the speed and accuracy of sheet metal fabrication.  It allows the operator to program and fabricate the precise profile and dimensions of a myriad of architectural flashing details, helping to minimize production costs.

We can fabricate copper, prefinished steel and aluminum, anodized aluminum and zinc-coated sheet stock into aesthetically pleasing architectural elements to enhance the look and value of your building.

Sheet Metal Fabrication and Installation…Langer has you covered